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Disability Insurance

If you are self-employed, have limited disability coverage through your employer-supplied group insurance, or want to increase your entitled benefits by complementing your existing coverage, then you may want to consider Individual Disability Insurance.

Individual Disability Insurance protects your earnings against the risk of loss or suspended income due to illness or injury. Coverage often includes paid sick leave, short-term disability benefits and long-term disability benefits. An added benefit of Individual Disability Insurance is that the policy follows you regardless how often you change jobs.

With Individual Disability Insurance, the policy is underwritten to specifically meet the needs of your profession. Premiums and available benefits for individual coverage vary considerably between companies and the profession for which you are seeking coverage.

Other coverage variants include, how soon after illness / injury benefits are paid out, the length of time you are entitled to benefits, and under what conditions the premiums can change. Understanding policy variants is crucial when comparing insurance products. It is strongly recommended that you seek the advice of a professional insurance broker or brokerage firm when considering taking out any kind of insurance product.

Key highlights of Individual Disability Insurance:

  • Coverage follows you when you change jobs
  • Complements government and employer group insurance benefits
  • Specifically written for your profession

With Individual Disability Insurance, you get uninterrupted coverage and protection that meets your individual needs.

Why Stand-Up Advisor?

As mentioned above, insurance products have many variants and are underwritten with language outside the average beneficiary’s frame of reference. Stand-Up Advisor can help you gain a better understanding of the product you are considering purchasing, explain the fine print, and bring any policy exclusion clauses to your attention so that you can make an informed decision.

Independently owned, Stand-Up Advisor is not bound by exclusivity contracts that limit access to products offered by specific insurance companies. This allows us to do two things: 1) Gain access to a universal set of products 2) Compare and offer the most competitive rates based on our client’s needs. At Stand-Up Advisor, our first priority is to provide you with all the necessary information about the product(s) you are considering purchasing.

By asking the right kinds of questions, and comparing insurance products, you can ensure you purchase the policy that’s right for you. We can guide you through the process. Give us a call to set up a consultation today.

Already have Individual Disability Insurance?

How well do you know your plan? If you’re like most people, you probably have a vague idea of what your insurance policy covers, what it excludes and under what conditions a claim is made possible. The fact is insurance products vary markedly from one another. It’s not so much a question of how good your policy is, but how good it is for you. Is it meeting your needs? Do you have the right amount of coverage? We can help you answer these questions by going through your existing policy as well as analyze your needs with an honest and un-biased approach.

At Stand-Up Advisor we:

  • Ensure you know to what extent you are covered
  • Practice full disclosure
  • Provide an unbiased approach to consulting
  • Compare quotes and offer the most competitive rates
  • Have access to a universal set of products

Make your decision an informed one. Contact Stand-Up Advisor today for a complete financial assessment.

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